10 Secret Cyber Security Tips for Your Website in 2022

Cyber Security Tips

If I ask you how many days can you live without accessing the Internet? Would you have an answer to that? No! Right?

So, you can’t stay a single day without the internet! How many hours can you stay without the internet? Oh! Not even an hour right?

This is how important the internet is in your daily life, not only for you but also for us. The Internet has not only become a constant in our lives but has also become an inseparable aspect of our lives.

In this modern tech-savvy world, the internet has become the most important element for maintaining workflow across the world.

The internet has been used in many ways including but not limited to communication, banking transactions, data transferring, and most importantly – information sharing.

Moreover, the internet is the biggest platform of open-source information, much bigger than the world’s biggest library. When we seek any information, we take help from the internet to gather our desired pieces of information.

Moreover, when it comes to extracting information from the Internet we often check its credibility before using it for any purpose.

Most of the time open-source information is found wrong. That’s why usually when we need to know any information about certain things we use the official website to get desired information.

Nowadays, websites are not only the vertical face or identity of any organization or company but also the only credible open-source information.

Suppose, you want to get admitted to a particular university, and you need to know certain things about the admission procedure.

What would you do? Under probable circumstances, you would use the internet to get your information! 

However, suppose someone hacked a website and replaced its content with some m\disinformation intentionally. This can create a big issue in many people’s lives.

Not only websites but also servers, PCs, programs, software, and other things. It can happen while you are sending money, cracked or hacked servers can snatch every penny from your bank accounts.

That’s why we need to secure our websites so that hackers or cyber criminals can’t snatch or tangle our information, money, or other important things through the Internet. 

As per the current scenario, many organizations and companies are trying their best to secure their cyber field, websites, and other virtual properties including but not limited to software, programming, and other virtual properties.

Moreover, after the pandemic and lockdown, the threat of cyber hacking is increasing gradually. That’s why cyber security has become very crucial for cyberspace. 

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What is Cyber Security?

With the inception of cyberspace, the information superhighway, and the Internet, the concept of traditional crime has changed a lot. Nowadays, most of our work is taking place over the internet.

That’s why criminals are trying to practice their work over the internet. Therefore, to protect our information and other important things from criminals and hackers we are trying to secure our cyberspace.

The practice to make our cyberspace secure is called cyber security. Moreover, to make you understand in a very brief way, it is a practice to protect our network, systems, programs, and software from digital criminals or hackers. 

Wait! If you have read this far that means you have a website or any virtual property, and you want to secure your property from criminals. Right? 

Don’t worry! Here are 10 of the most important things, which will help you to secure your virtual or IT property.

Don’t Pass Your Words

Passwords are the most crucial thing when it comes to protecting anything from others. It is the key to entering the vault or the control room of your website, program, or any other virtual object.

Anyone, who has the password of your websites, hosting, and programs can easily access, change, and copy it without you knowing about it. So, make sure you have kept your passwords safe and as secret as possible.

Moreover, we will suggest you use a minimum 14-digit password, containing at least one uppercase, one lowercase, one number,  and one special character.

Also, don’t use the same password in different accounts. Save your passwords offline instead of saving them on a virtual platform.

The Fight Against Viruses and Malware

Most of the time hackers try to install preprogrammed bots or malware on our devices i.e. laptops, pc, servers, and mobiles. 

Therefore, with that tried-party software, they can take over all the controls of our data and information from our hands to other hands. 

Moreover, if you want to keep your piece of information security to become hacked please install anti-virus software on your devices. 

Any anti-virus software can easily prevent any malware from getting into your device. This will protect your data from the hand of cyber criminals.

Keep Up To Date

Every virtual property, information, or data comes in a programmed coding format. Usually, cybercriminals try to attack the loopholes of the codes to get access. 

Even when we are using different internet software on our devices, criminals also try to attack the programs of the software. 

That’s why we try to change our coding and programming on a regular basis to make our programs fault-free. Moreover, if we frequently change our programs then cybercriminals can’t hack our data easily. 


The MFA or the Multi-Factor Authentication is a two-staged authentication or verification process to access any secured data or site including but not limited to Email, domain, hosting, server, etc. 

Whenever you want to log in to any password-protected site, the server will automatically send you a verification message on your registered mobile number to understand if it’s you, who is trying to log in. 

Suppose, any hacker tries to access your server or tries to log in to your account, the artificial intelligence bot will automatically send you a message on your registered number for further permission to access your account.

Host It Securely

If we try to make you understand the relation between the domain and hosting in brief, we would say, the domain is the address of your house, and hosting is the house where you live or store your goods. 

So, when you upload any data to your website it’s saved in the hosting server, and through the domain, you can get to see it. 

Usually, hackers try to hack the hosting servers to get access to all your data, which you saved in your domain server. 

So, before buying any hosting server make sure they are providing a Secure File Transfer Protocol, a firewall for unknown FTP users, a data backup service, and a decent amount of security updates.


The HTTPS or the “Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure” is a protocol to ensure a secure and interception-free content or data transaction. 

Moreover, HTTPS is a protocol system to make sure you or the site visitors face a smooth and hassle-free data transfer in between the accessing device and the hosting server. 

Usually, hackers try to access a server while someone else is using it. Therefore, if you use the HTTPS server protocol hackers won’t be able to access your data.

The Web Application Firewall

The WAF or the web application firewall is an AI-based program that takes place between the website server and the internet connection network. 

The purpose of this is to read every piece of data that passes through it. Nowadays, the WAF is installed in the cloud server. 

The cloud web application firewall is the gateway of all the traffic of a server. It helps to prevent hacking attempts, unnecessary traffic, malware, and other harmful or unnecessary things to get access to the server.

Encrypt Your Data

So, whenever you are storing any data on your server, make sure that it is in encrypted format and password protected. 

Even if any hacker gets access to it and tries to open your data, he can’t do that because you have encrypted that. 

So, even if someone steals your data from the server, encryptions can prevent the data from being used.   

Prevent Using Random WI-FIs

We know that you are very busy in your daily life, right? That’s why you try to do all your server-related work and maintenance while traveling or outside your known area. 

Now, let me ask you a question, do you use public Wi-Fi networks while accessing your server or data? If yes! 

Then we will suggest that you, not to use public Wi-Fi networks while accessing your personal data. Because public networks are very much vulnerable and prone to access your web history. 

Any cybercriminal can easily acquire your data and files while using public networks. So, don’t use random Wi-Fi networks.

Backup Your Website

Even after maintaining all the cyber security protocols if your site gets interrupted and if you lost crucial data from your website then it can face lots of hassles to get your data back. 

So, we would suggest that you make backup copies of your website and as many as possible. Moreover, don’t save all the backup files in the same location. 

Also, store your backup files in online as well as offline storage locations, and secure them with passwords to prevent them from random access. 

In this modern world information is the key to holding the power to change anything, and there are many criminals who are trying to steal data from cyberspace to fulfill their purpose. 

It is our duty not only to produce data but also to protect it, rather it is better to say that protecting our data has become more important than creating it. 

After the covid and the lockdown, the number of cyber-attacks has gradually increased, and therefore, we need to improve our cyber security. 

Many web experts are trying their best to completely protect our data from hacking and we are following them to provide you with an all-in-one solution for cyber security